Keiser Lab

soil and ecosystem ecology



You’ve reached the research page for the Keiser lab at UMass Amherst in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. We are a terrestrial ecosystem ecology lab working at the interface of above- and below-ground communities. Our research spans the fields of ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, soil ecology, climate change, and invasive species. We examine local, mechanism-driven questions, which have advanced ecological theory regarding microbial community function, and landscape-level biogeochemical inquiries that link ecosystem function with land management decisions. Overall, our work expands our understanding of how soil microbial communities function and interact with the environment, exhibited through carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) dynamics. This is critical for creating realistic C and N budgets at local and regional scales. Because this work examines biogeochemical effects across the landscape, it will help us to better understand impacts to hydrological and atmospheric systems as well as human populations. Ultimately, we hope our research will help inform land-use and policy decisions.



  • We are recruiting a graduate student! Refer to “Join the Lab” for more details.
  • Ashley is participating in the UMass School of Earth and Sustainability Faculty Lightning Talks on Wednesday, October 30th.
  • Thank you Brown University EEB for a fantastic visit in September!

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