Keiser Lab

soil and ecosystem ecology



Dr. Ashley Keiser

My love for the outdoors inspired my career as an ecologist. It is my hope that my research exploring mechanistic and biogeochemical underpinnings of our natural world can better inform how society manages our land and resources. I grew up in New Hampshire, and received a B.S. from the University of New Hampshire where I was able to explore the natural beauty of the White Mountains and the rugged New England seacoast. I then received a Ph.D. from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. After time in the Midwest, I am excited to be back in New England. I am an avid runner, hiker and gardener.

Graduate Students

Corey Palmer

Corey earned her MSc in Geoscience before joining the lab as a PhD student. Corey’s research will combine her interests in coupled biogeochemical cycles, soil microbial function, and land disturbance history. Her hobbies include running, hiking, cooking pasta dishes, and learning more about sewing. Corey also enjoys playing with her two cats and exploring new areas.



Nikki Yunes Perez

Nikki is a junior Environmental Science major with a Biology minor who also serves as a peer advisor. She was inspired to major in Environmental Science in high school after learning about all the problems which affect our planet. She has also always been interested in coding, and with ecology she can blend her interests. In her free time, Nikki enjoys making art collages, spending time with friends, hiking, and watching anime.

Sabrina Sprague

Sabrina is a junior Environmental Science and Biology major with her main academic interests centered in environmental chemistry and ecology. She has always had an interest in nature and our impact on the world around us. She hopes to explore these passions by attending graduate school in the future. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys traveling, cooking, and going on adventures with friends.  

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